Brenden Smith

Chief Technology Officer


Brenden is the Chief Technical Officer with MERP Systems Inc… Brenden handles developing the technological innovation, IP, and value creation for MERP and its customers. Brenden is a recognized thought leader within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community. He has extensive experience building and leading technical teams that deliver technology benefits directly to the bottom line.

Brenden applies vision and inspiration to drive team performance and winning technical solutions when and where they matter most for business success while keeping an eye on revenue and business growth. Leveraging advances in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, and the entire Microsoft technology stack. He led teams to deliver high-value solutions for the Veterans Health Administration, Air Force Aid Society and the U.S. Army, the FDA, USDA, The U.S. Secret Service, ICE, and the private sector including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He was lead architect for the DHS Traveler Redress Information System (TRIP) – the NO-FLY list system of record. TRIP was successfully launched in January of 2013.

Brenden holds several certifications, including Microsoft Small Partner, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Project Management Professional, and Microsoft Research Panel Member. Brenden has several technical papers to his credit that continue to influence innovative solutions for managing sensitive information across disparate legacy systems.

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