311 Offering:

VeloCITY 365 by KPMG provides automated workflows that enable municipalities to manage citizen inquiries and service requests in the cloud. Velocity 365 is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and provides a Citizen Engagement Portal that citizens can access to search and find information on municipal programs and services. Using the Agent Console, call center agents can efficiently document citizen inquiries, identify duplicate requests, and route service requests to the appropriate department for action and follow-up, while tracking the progress of the request through to completion.

MERP is an authorized reseller of Velocity 365 licenses in the United States.


24/7 self-service access for citizens to manage their own service requests, licenses and permits without employee engagement.


Protects citizen data with proactive assessments and built-in quality assurance tools.


Gain visibility and insight into your citizen data patterns, key performance indicators and reporting requirements.


Follow a service request or license or permit application through the workflow to simplify data management.


Increases workflow productivity by automating repetitive, manual process.


Provides a pipeline for continuous dialogue between municipalities and citizens.

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Regulations and Permits Tool:

Adoxio’s Regulate 365, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a solution that enables regulatory bodies to streamline and automate these practices while providing citizens with the next level of digital service. With Regulate 365, regulatory agencies gain:

  • Reliable data that can be easily audited for compliance management and visibility into organizational health
  • Quality assurance tools for proactive license and permit monitoring, compliance, and disciplinary action
  • Automated processes for approving applications, processing payments, and notifying individuals who are out of compliance