Embark on Smart City Solutions

As a partner of KPMG, LLP, MERP has exclusive rights to market licenses and services of its marquee Smart City solution – Velocity365, and License and Permits tool – Regulate 365, in the United States.  Velocity 365 offers Efficient, streamlined, online solutions for citizen service request management

  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure
  • Robust knowledge base capabilities
  • Easily integrated with other applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, and Payment Gateways
  • Automatic routing of requests to the right people or departments at the right time
  • Self-Service, mobile-enabled portal
  • Automatic escalations
  • Versatile reporting functionality, providing your members with real-time reporting as well as the ability to identify trends in order to facilitate improved decision-making
  • Configurable security and access to system functions and data

Through the portal, the general public can:

  • Complete an online pre-assessment checklist

  • Submit an application

  • Submit a complaint

  • Search the Public Register

  • Read the latest blogs and news

Additionally, members can:

  • Renew memberships

  • Make changes to their profile

  • Make payments

  • Participate in online Discussion Forums and Committees

Regulatory agency administrators can:

  • Manage memberships, including suspending, revoking, and reinstating

  • Send automated notifications to members

  • Manage complaints

  • Make changes to the Public Register

  • Publish blog and news articles

  • Process fees

  • View Power BI Dashboards and Reports

  • Manage Committees

  • Manage Professional Conduct

  • Manage Quality Assurance

  • Manage documents via SharePoint