MERP Employee Benefits

Kaiser Medical Coverage

• Benefits plan year runs from September 1st through August 31st of next year.

• MERP Systems contributes 60% towards the cost of employees’ medical coverage. Employees have option to add dependents to their medical insurance at their own cost.

• 3 comprehensive health plan options from Kaiser to choose from – Platinum, Gold and Silver metal levels. 0% coinsurance on Platinum and Gold; 30% coinsurance on Silver plan. Most common medical services are covered at the copay before the deductible. Visit Kaiser facilities to get care.

• Complete Benefit Summaries are available through HR Connection portal – MERP Systems HR Connection portal can be accessed from desktop PC, laptop or a mobile device. Go to to log in. Contact BFS Benefits at 703-610-4094 if you need help retrieving your login information or resetting your password.

Guardian Dental and Vision

• Robust plans providing access to a rich PPO network and helping you save major part of your out-of-pockets costs for dental and eye care services.

• Coverage is voluntary. MERP Systems does not contribute towards the cost of dental and vision plans.

• Earn College Tuition Rewards – annual enrolment in Dental plan earns you 2,000 Tuition points (1 Reward = $1 in tuition reduction). Vast network of Private Colleges and Universities.

• To find providers in-network go to and click on Find a Provider Dental PPO Network – DentalGuard Preferred Vision PPO Network – VSP Choice

Long Term Disability

• Waiting period of 90 days for disability due to both injury and illness

• Benefit duration – up to Social Security Normal Retirement Age

• Plan protects 60% of your earnings up to $6,000/month

Short Term Disability

• Waiting period of 7 days for disability due to both injury and illness

• Benefit duration – 12 weeks

• Plan protects 60% of your earnings up to $1,000/week

Basic Term Life Insurance

• Life benefit of $20,000 for all full-time employees

• Accidental Death and Dismemberment included equal to Life benefit

Employee Assistance Program

• The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to all employees and immediate family members of MERP Systems through Guardian.

• Completely confidential counseling program that covers issues such as marital and family concerns, depression, substance abuse, grief and loss, financial entanglements and other personal stressors.

• Contact Guardian EAP toll-free at 800-386-7055, or you can visit their website at, User Name: Matters; Password: wlm70101